​​​​​​​​​I met him, apologetic that he was so covered in grime after a day of removing wet drywall and soggy wood from a house that a short time ago was filled with 12 feet of water.  A contractor who owns his own company in Ohio, "Jim" had responded when his son called for help for his former college roommate and family in Houston.  Due to demands from the widespread hurricane impact, local workmen had told them it might be months before they could repair their home.  Jim, available for a week between contracted jobs, immediately loaded his van with tools and equipment and drove straight to Houston.

News reports during Hurricane Harvey showed heroic acts of strangers, such as those coming from points near and far with fishing boats and strong arms to rescue the stranded.  Afterwards the media featured homes where people had lost everything, with the remains of damaged life possessions that had been collected through the years piled in disarray out front. Monetary contributions to major organizations were noted.  Then, after intermittent lingering coverage, reporters turned to other stories and moved on.  

It was in this aftermath that many individual acts of kindness occurred without fanfare.  Jim had been living on the second floor of the flooded house, putting aside his own comfort in order to gut the premises and install new drywall and doors before returning to Ohio. When I delivered a cleansing kit of new luxury towels and pure soap from Health Spirit Centers®, Jim's surprise and gratitude made us realize that a single act of caring could extend to helpers too. 

Action in the Aftermath