​​Hurricane Harvey - Houston, Texas USA

The impact of Hurricane Harvey on many lives in the areas affected by this unprecedented storm and its prolonged torrential rains caused us to focus on what we could do from afar.    

Not being able to compete with the large disaster organizations dealing with thousands, we looked for effective action to individuals on a small scale. Guidance came from the public comment of one resident who had lost everything. She expressed sincere gratitude for all the "thoughts and prayers" but said what they really needed were necessities like towels and soap to get through the day. 

Thus Health Spirit Centers® purchased such high-quality items and assembled them into new mesh drawstring bags, then shipped them to Houston for distribution – to bring tangible comfort in the midst of the devastation.  

We understand perhaps better than many that nothing can truly ease the trauma in the days after such a disaster, but hope these cleansing kits at least conveyed our deep and sincere message of caring. 

In the Crisis